How Dental Insurance Works

If you have dental insurance
At Dr. Tortorella’s office, we directly bill the insurance for you electronically.

That means, you pay only the difference when you come out of your appointment.

For example, if your appointment costs $100 and your insurance pays 90% ($90 in this case) , then you only pay us $10 ($100-$90).

If your insurance plan covers 100%, then you pay nothing.

Find out what you are covered for

The privacy act prohibits us from finding out what you are covered for. So please contact your insurance company or consult your company brochure to find out. Here are the codes you can ask for a new patient exam, x-rays, cleaning and such:

New Patient checkup:
01103 – New patient Exam (Adult)
02601 (where available), 02144, 02112 – X-rays

or Emergency:
01205 – Emergency Exam

Did you know: There is no tax on the majority of dental services! That’s right – no HST, GST, PST, or any ST! The only dental services that are taxed are purely cosmetic, like whitening.

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