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free whitening Niagara FallsReceive Free Professional Whitening (Value $300) when you get a standard new patient checkup (exam and x-rays)*.

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*a standard checkup is covered in your insurance.

When you are choosing a Family Dentist in Niagara…

Which one of these 8 critical things do you want the most?


1) Your insurance covered electronically?

We are an insurance assignment office which means you only pay the difference! All you pay at the end of your appointment is the difference for what you aren’t covered for! For example, if your insurance covers 80% of a cleaning, then all you pay is the 20%.

We will even extend you 0% “fit your budget” financing customized to your budget.

2) A good location

We are easy to get to: – Parking is free. We have patients come in from all over Niagara because of our convenient location.

3) Your children to have a fun experience and get healthy?

We welcome children of all ages :).  We love hearing from children and their parents how much fun they had at our office.

Click here for the 9 secrets to raising cavity free children.

4) To have your dentist care about you and make you feel good?

We will call you after your procedures to make sure everything is ok.

We will walk you through all of your procedures and fears so that you are comfortable

We care about your time as well. Thank you to everyone that compliments us on our short or NO waiting times.

You are in good hands…Emergencies are handled promptly no matter how busy we are.

And most importantly, we aim to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible

5) Availability around your hours?

We are available when you have an emergency and open bright and early Monday to Thursday for your convenience.

6) To ease your fears and help you, even if you are nervous?

If you fear coming to a family dentist, you are not alone. Whatever your fear about coming to see us, let us know.

you or your children might want to consider being completely asleep.  Click here for more information on sedation.

Just some of the ways we make you feel comfortable here:

0. Provide you with full sedation so you can sleep away!

1. We will walk you through the entire procedure to make sure you know what’s going to happen.

2. We will tell you what to expect in terms of freezing – which a lot of people are most anxious about.

3. Provide you soothing and comforting neck pillows

4. We encourage you to bring an mp3 player to listen to your favourite music.

7) Doesn’t make you feel bad for forgetting to floss or brush once in a while ?

We know it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to brush and floss everyday. If you forget once in a while, we understand. And that is why we won’t judge you and when you come in – we are here to help.

8 ) An experienced, friendly and courteous staff?

Dr. Andrew Tortorella, general dentist in Niagara, has been practicing over 10 years. All the staff at Dr. Tortorella’s office is friendly, respectful, and really enjoy what they do.

We are always friendly and laughing and will treat you with respect. Don’t you feel safer knowing that the dentist you have chosen has been keeping families like yours healthy for many years?

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    free whitening NiagaraFor a limited time only - Receive Free Professional Whitening (Value $300) when you get a standard new patient checkup and x-rays. Call 289-271-0021 now.


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