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Do you fear the dentist? Are you nervous at the very thought of going into a Dental Office?

You are not alone! A lot of people have dental anxiety.  What we have found is that when people come in and they are nervous, the fear they feel is a complicated blend of feeling, sounds and vivid imaginations :). You’ve also come to the right place – we cater to patients that are nervous at the dentist, whatever your fears may be. In fact, we do 5 big things:

5 ways we reduce your fear and make you and your family feel comfortable and safe:

1. We will walk you through the entire procedure to make sure you know what’s going to happen. 2. We will tell you what to expect in terms of freezing – which a lot of people are most anxious about. 3. We encourage you to bring an mp3 player to listen to your favourite music. 4. We may prescribe a sedative. 5. If you are really anxious –  you can be sedated and completely asleep For more information about sedation or being a sleep click here.

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