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Scared to go to the dentist? We cater to people with high levels of dental anxiety, fear and nervousness

What is sedation (or sleep) dentistry?

How much dental anxiety do you have on a scale of 1-10? There are three options available to you depending on how nervous or anxious you are:

1) Your dental anxiety level is greater than 7 out of 10 and can go beyond 10

Full sedation (sleep) – We can put you into a full sleep with the use of anesthesia. This is typically used for patients with DEEP fear of the dentist.

2) Your dental anxiety level is between 3 and 6 out of 10

Oral conscious sedation (we don’t currently offer this) – You aren’t asleep but you are in a state of deep relaxation to reduce any dental fear, and anxiety.

3) Your dental anxiety level is low – up to 2 out of 10

At this level, you wouldn’t need any drugs or anesthesia. You might just need some relaxing music. Bring your favourite music and you can listen with your headphones.

When can I benefit from sedation?

If you have:

  • a fear of visiting the dentist
  • very sensitive teeth
  • complex dental problems
  • a fear of needles and shots
  • difficulty getting numb

Will I feel any pain?

Most of the patients feel no discomfort whatsoever during their treatment and feel surprisingly good afterwards.

Will I be unconscious?

With the complete sleep solution (anesthesia) you will be unconscious. But if you opt for oral conscious sedation, you won’t be unconscious – you would just be in a deeply relaxed state, but responsive.

Will I be groggy after my treatment is over?

You will feel just fine. For your safety, it is usually required that you have a family member or friend drive you home.

How much does it cost?

Firstly, to find out which option you want, call us now to book a free consultation. We can go over all the details with you. The cost depends on how much your insurance covers.

Is Sedation Dentistry safe for me?

Sedation is completely safe! Before starting any treatment, your medical history will be reviewed, and you’ll be monitored very closely while you’re under sedation. As with any procedure, there are some risks and we can walk through them with you.

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